2017 Public Policy Agenda

The Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance Advocacy Statement

The mission of ANA’s public policy program is to advocate on behalf of the entire nonprofit sector and ensure policies created at the federal, state, and local level support a thriving nonprofit sector. Below is a list of key policy positions; however, ANA reserves the right to advocate on any policy that affects the sector and propose policies that will benefit the sector.

The State Budget

The state budget affects the nonprofit sector in significant ways, both directly (through grants and contracts) and indirectly (through services the state provides to our clients). When budget cuts are made, there is often an assumption that nonprofits can easily take over the implementation of the services that are cut. This equates to asking nonprofits to do even more with less. Nonprofits can, and wish to, act as a partner with the state to ensure Arkansans receive important services they need. The Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance supports a state budget that is created through a transparent, accountable process that ensures the sustainability of communities throughout the state. We will advocate for a budget that invests in Arkansans to improve the quality of life and create a positive impact on society.

Tax Policy and Charitable Giving Incentives

Consistent tax policies at the federal, state, and local levels are critical to the success of charitable nonprofits in pioneering and implementing solutions to community problems and aspirations. The Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance supports strong charitable giving incentives at all levels of government that encourage giving and volunteerism. We oppose caps on charitable giving incentives that would negatively affect the generosity for which Arkansans are known. We also oppose undue tax burdens on the nonprofit sector that will take money away from the people and communities we serve.

Government Contracting and Grantmaking Reform

Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance supports government contracting and grantmaking reform that create more efficient processes that end unnecessary filing requirements, thus saving nonprofits and the state money. We will push for state adoption of the OMB Uniform Guidance, that, in addition to streamlining and clarifying rules for grantmaking, provides additional reimbursement to nonprofits for direct costs and reimbursement for indirect costs.

Voter Engagement

Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance believes the nonprofit sector has an important role to fulfill in promoting civic engagement. We will promote voter registration and participation within the nonprofit sector. When nonprofits vote, they vote with their mission, clients, and communities in mind.

General Improvement Fund

The General Improvement Fund has been a critical source of funding for communities throughout Arkansas, particularly rural communities. The nonprofit sector has invested these funds to fill gaps in important services to children, the elderly, and other Arkansans. While the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance acknowledges there are state services in desperate need of increased funding, we wish to work with the Governor and the General Assembly to find solutions that will both improve state services and continue the state’s investment in community services provided by nonprofits. ANA also wishes to work with the General Assembly to develop a transparent, accountable, fair process for awarding grants.


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